Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The miracle has happened. On october the 23rd I became a father and Esther became a mother.

When in Oslo me and Lolla - Ólafía Hrönn, did some drawings of the Peer Gynt troupe, Here are the drawings, only Edda Arnljóts is missing, don't know why...

Björn Hlynur by Lolla
Darri by Óli
Darri by Lolla
Ingvar by Lolla
Teikningar Pétur Gautur.jpg
Gunna Gísla by Lolla
Björn Hlynur by Óli
Óli by Lolla
Lolla by Lolla
Óli by Óli

Saturday, November 04, 2006

This weblog is long, long overdue but now I've finally got around to do it so here goes. Vesturport's summer tour started with Woyzeck in London for a second run at the Barbican from the 4th through the 15th of July, every show sold out and critics choice in Time Out, again.

First stop was the Agra Sweet and Spicy on Brick lane, the place looks like old "Mulakaffi" in Reykjavík, a shabby eatery, but they make the strongest Vindaloo this side of Sri Lanka, try it for a life changing culinary experience...

Ofcourse the fussball weltmeisterschaft was still going strong and we saw the infamous Zidane incident at the Ibis hotelbar on Commercial street, home away from home in London.

Speaking of hotels and homes, I present: A short guide to living in hotels part one, unpacking:

a) The stuff

b) The room

a) goes into b) in this proposed way and order: 1) First off, up goes the lap, and itunes is opened, moodmusic is essential when unpacking, I personally prefer and recomend something ordered, to better aid the ordering of things, classical music preferably, Bach for example.

You can see that I use a europe to uk thing for the powerplug, you can get by without one - just poke something plastic in the extra socket hole and then in goes the european two peg plug... I don't know why they have to have to have 3 plugs, probably just to be different, you know, drive on the wrong side kind of a thing, but still I don't take any chances with my laptop and use the transforming thing

2) Then clothes are hung, do not leave them in bag, you take twice as long to find things and when you do find them they are crumpled.

3) Bag for dirty laundry goes into a convinient place, I bring my own but a plastic one will do, the bag you take to the drycleaners somewhere near the hotel - the hotels charge you ridiculous amounts for their dry cleaning services.

Shoes lined up so as to not be in your way when not needed

4) Two bathroom kits, one for taking to the theatre and training and one for the hotel

5) Get extra towels, 6) Pyjamas go on bed, certainly optional but I sleep in pyjamas with an open window and the ac off after seeing the inside of an airvent once, you would not believe the shit that collects in there.

7) Work and reading material lined up... yes there are some really interesting articles in that magazine :-) And there yo have it, a basic setup, A place for everything and everything in it's place, said the father of Einar Áskell and then put the icecream in the closet and his underpants into the freezer.

London is always great, I like the city, generally everyone is polite and makes an effort to get along with everyone else, which I consider essential to metropolis existance.

And then there is such diversity, I can sit on the tube endlessly and wonder at the varying sizesm, shapes and models of the human animal

...And the brutality of our lives...

And then there is just all the strangeness...

The Woyzeck Drum Major choir, Fuckport, was there as well, including Halli Volvo

And Vikingur put on his best jacket and smile, a free man in London Town

The shows went well, despite Nilli the flying tutu swan unexpectedly having to return to Iceland and Gísli taking over his part, but before Nilli went home he challenged Ingvar to an elevator lobby karate contest for the title of Ibis hotel champion.

Nilli lost.

But there is no denying that weariness had set in by the last performances

And it was sweet to play the final performance and then head off to spain for a short summer vacation in Barcelona

And at the dolce spa in Sitges

From Spain it was back to London for a brief stop and from London to Copenhagen where Brim was going to be playing at the Nordic dramatists awards, but somehow plans got botched and the awards lost some funding so Brim did not play, met Signa Sorensen who won a special appreciation award for her work in theatre/performance.

And then off to poland for a few performances of R&J in the german/polish city of Gdansk

The last time we play two performances of R&J in the same day... we are getting too old and fat

And in Polland we got our new flightcases - which I painted our logo's on after the last performance

With good help from prince Tomas

Meanwhile Borkur was working on a new sculpture - the chandelier ship

And once again the scenery went up... and down

On the way home I sat next to this guy... it wasn't as hot as it looks like

Then it was time for brushing up on Peer Gynt before taking him to the Ibsen festival in Oslo

Ibsen seems to have been made into some sort of mickey mouse icon in Norway - there is such an industry based on him - here we have the psychadelic Ibsen bus...

The response to the show was beyond our expectations - great reviews and attendance, in short, a fine tour...

On the way back from Norway I stopped in Stockholm to visit my brother Gulli who is a ballet dancer at the Opera.

And saw him dance at the amazing slotsteatern near the palace of the king - a former king had it built as his personal theatre, it has been preserved in it's original state and is simply amazing to visit.