Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures from Vesturports trip to Ludwigshaven Germany with Woyzeck.

Ludwigshaven is a strange place, it is the home of the BASF chemical plant in which some 30.000 people work I was told, it's population is 60% Turkish and 40% German and besides being close to where Buchner, the author of Woyzeck, was born it seems as if our Woyzeck could easily have taken place in this grey industrial sprawl.

Up went the scenery on a state of the art stage, very nicely technically equipped with a revolving stage as well as a stage that could be raised in individual lengthwise segments, almost three meters high and could then be tilted, creating a raked stage or platforms. Very impressive. This was all explained to me in great detail by the stagedirector who mistook me for our set designer Börkur for some reason.

And a pineapple was cut in celebration of our arrival.

The theatre hold around 900 persons and although not sold out we had a great audience. I however managed to be the first of the group to contract a horrible digestive curse that thouroughly ravaged my system inbetween harrowing performances of the play. Injected with a saline solution I scrambled feebly up the ropes and dangled in the cloudswing, probably evoking the image of a sack of potatoes rather than that of a man attempting suicide, or maybe not, a part of me really longed to die...

Finally I remembered a remedy - boil rice and drink the water, so out I went to buy rice and then back to the hotel, into the kitchen there to explain that I want hot water, no not hot tap water, boiled, to boil this rice in, but keep the water, in my state of fatigue this was an ordeal but I managed to pull it off and it worked, thank the gods.

At the same time fellow Vesturport crewmembers were succumbing to the german curse and were kept up all night emptying their innards. The pair above were one of the few who were not affected

But Ludwigshaven had it's bright spots, we found a great thai restaurant, belive it or not, with a kareoke hall, and promptly took it over, Gisli took over the DJ post

Ingvar crooned himself into the heart of our hosts...

And Gayzone reunited for their cover of "Whatever I did, Whatever I said, Whatever".

Although Vikingur was not invited to join in with his former bandmembers for some reason...

The Vesturport choir, Fuckport, sang a more formal and non a-tonal tune at our farewell gala, inducing animated conversations with the Ludvigshavians on the topics of elfs, glaciers, geysirs, northern lights and the sagas.

So all is well that ends well

And kudos to Unnur Ösp who did a fantastic job in jumping in for Nina, who was then pregnant and is now a mother to a little girl, managing to pull Maria off with frantic grace and tremendous sex appeal...

Then it was goodbye to Ludwigshaven and BASF and off to Norway for five shows of R&J, maybe the last ones, making for a grand total of roughly 390 shows in five years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds the pics...and CONGRATS TO YOUR DAUGHTER!

hope to see vesturport perform again soon...wherever...gdánsk and recklinghausen ruled!


7:46 PM  
Blogger Harmsaga said...

Til lukku. Og já við stálumst til þess að múna einu sinni. Algjörlega Sigrúnar frumkvæði. Hún hefur ekki fengist í buxurnar eftir að hún byrjaði.

2:23 PM  

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