Friday, March 23, 2007

Working on updating the blog to the passing moments here is Vesturport's trip to Norway where R&J was up for a possible last run...

Otto was there to keep up the morale on the last few meters and soon got Darri swinging his boa

Nina Juliet was pregnant then, now not so but mother to Rakel Maria, pictured here with my litle lady Ragnheiður Eyja.

So Ágústa Eva aka European song contest contonder Sylvia Night did Juliet this time around, with plenty of gloss and bravado.

And as Magga was not with us Kristjana did lady Capulet and Benvolio, OJ in hand and all.

And Elli went out on a ledge to make these last performances memorable, with new magic tricks and golf club swinging almost tumbling from the springboard, much to my enjoyment... thank you Elli for all the big laughs.

Elli even sang us some Kareokee on the Stavanger-Bergen train one night, assisted by the Scandinavian top Kareokee DJ Harald who was going to Bergen to DJ the Scandinavian semi-finals of Kareokee singing...

But had his Kareokee-lap top with him. Much to Björn Hlynur's enjoyment.

There was more entertainment to be had on that cold Stavanger-Bergen train as Gísli pulled his best Freddy M. impression.

And a new character I will name Mr.Smallface...

Beutiful Árni was there as well, as should be, singing his swan song as the weed smoking father Laurens.

With his good friend Jesus, who used the opportunity to go shopping in Ikea, of course, where the prices are simply heavenly. This got big laughs, but then again everything Jesus does on stage is funny... Because Jesus is funny. Jesus is coming...act busy.

And Prince Thomas was there with us...

Getting almost too heavy for the wire system, a grown man soon. In five years and 390 performances much has changed... Some of the costumes seem to have shrunk and were quite ill fitting these last few one hundred performances or so...

Bursting at the seams in inapropriate places...

But we delivered, to a full house and a standing Norwegian ovation

Producent extraordinaire Rakel pulled it off one more time

And the Brandy Brothers got some quality time

Before we all headed home.

Coming up next... A 100 year old house in Tallin, Estonia, F.Molnar in Reykjavík, Peer Gynt in London and the Burnt out Punks come for a visit...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

JESUS, i love your pictured entries here ;)

hope to see vesturport perform again someday (soon)...loved you last year.


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do u think its funny to take the piss about jesus i hope u go to HELL!!!
Tiffany age 12 years

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're going to heaven, I'd rather. OE

2:52 AM  

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